New Online Tool Shows BC Residents Where To Get Cheap Drugs


Pacific Blue Cross has just launched an online tool called Pharmacy Compass to help BC residents find better prices on the same medications at pharmacies near them in seconds. Until now, there was virtually no realistic means for the average person to find out the cost differences of medications between pharmacies, let alone so efficiently as this tool does it.

pharmacy compassThe site is called Pharmacy Compass and you can type in your Drug Identification Number (DIN) to get started, usually found right on the label of your medication.

Right away you will notice the difference between some pharmacies. Prices can be as high as $1 per pill, effectively turning this little online tool into a cost-saving prescription watchdog.

Visit the website here to try it out now. Not only is this great tool free to use, it is likely to save many BC residents a lot of money with little effort.

Canadian Employers Are Making Costly Mistakes

This new Pharmacy Compass online tool is one of many ways to save money on employee benefit plans that Canadian employers need to know about. No employer can find a magic wand that will fix all of these issues overnight, there are several options that are worth considering and implementing. Many effective preventative solutions can be found with the right employee benefit plan such as:

  • Employee benefit planEmployee Assistance Programs (EAP) are a great first step to assisting with employee mental health issues
  • Encouraging physical health maintenance of employees
  • Extended medical coverage
  • Paramedical services (such as chiropractor & physiotherapy)
  • Purchasing a pool priced benefit plan can significantly help avoid high premium renewals due to excess usage
  • Employers can attend training sessions on how to recognize presenteeism

Of course cost must be a major factor in gaining value and ROI from your group plan so it’s important to be discerning when choosing your employee benefit plan. A great resource to read is “The 3 Most Expensive Mistakes Employers Make When Purchasing An Employee Benefit Plan”.

The eBook is available for free instant download here.

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