Employee Benefits Plans: Getting The Focus Back To The Workplace [STUDY]


According to a study by ComPsych Corporation, personal relationships at home are the top distractions for employees while at work. Business owners reading the study may not be aware that many of these issues have support within their employee benefits plans.

The responses for top distractions were:employee benefits plans

22% – Relationships at home

16% – Relationships in the work place

15% – Financial / Legal problems

11% – Child or caregiving issues

6% – Personal health concerns

4% – Communication (cell phones, instant messaging, social media)

7% – Other

Employee Benefits Plans: A Healthy Work/Life Balance

employee benefits plansHow can an employer help get an employee’s focus back to the workplace, increase productivity, and create a more stable working environment?

There are resources within employee benefits plans such as implementing an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provide allow employers to provide a 24/7 confidential resource for their workforce. EAP provides information, tools, and counseling services that help your employees get through the situations that create stress in their lives from a qualified professional with the comfort of confidentiality.

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Over the years it has been proven employees use these services when available in their employee benefits plans. When employees have a professional to consult with during a crisis it takes the stress of life out of the workplace. This in turn improves productivity & creates a more stable, reliable employee.

A healthy employee is more present and focused at the task at hand. There are thousands of distractions that take an employee’s focus away from their work but the important ones to manage aren’t blocking Solitare or Facebook, it’s ensuring the health of your workers. Benefits that cover spouses and children also offer employees the piece of mind a working parent needs when bills not covered by Canadian health care come up.

In your experience, what aspects of your employee benefits plan have helped contribute to overall employee health, productivity and morale? Leave your response in the comments.

– Bruce


  1. I am somewhat surprised be the results of this study. I would have thought Communication would have been higher on the list.

    Texting, tweeting, social media such as facebook and even old fashioned talking on the phone are distractions I see very often.

    Although, I suppose employees could be using these methods of communication to deal with relationship issues, financial issues, daycare issues, etc.

    • @Maureen: Great point. I think you are on to something with your suggestion that Facebook, texting and social media could be the conduits of distraction that stem from the problems suggested in the study. It seems that another study may be in order!

  2. Within the category of Financial/Legal, dealing with identity theft can be a huge workplace distraction. Making the contacts to credit bureaus, law enforcement, financial institutions, and so on generally needs to be done during business hours, and a study has found can take an individual over 600 hours if they’re handling the problem on their own. Dovetailing with your point that employers can offer support and reduce distractions with employee benefit programs, we have found our identity theft protections plans are highly appreciated by the employees while providing a win-win for employers looking to provide the supportive environment that keeps their workers productive.

    • @Helen: Thank you for your comment. Extended services and benefits help a greater range of issues beyond financial ones and give employees a piece of mind that can maintain productivity and morale.

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