Employee Benefits Plans: Role Of Benefits Consulting Reshaped


Employee Benefits PlansToo often clients hear from their agent – employee benefits plans are going up again, it’s time to shop the market!

If you are being told this message, it is the first sign of an unsophisticated agent who doesn’t understand the rules of this game.

The right benefits package can help your business provide incentive to attract top talent, increase employee health and, in effect, increasing productivity and workplace morale. You should be getting more for your money than just an agent, you need a professional that understands your business.

Employee Benefits Plans: Agent or Consultant?

Employee Benefits PlansWhen it comes to employee benefits plans, the role of your advisor is no longer one of an agent– which by definition is someone who helps you shop- but rather that of a consultant – whose job is to help you understand all the “moving parts” of the employee benefits business. This role usually means looking more closely at where claims are coming from and whether or not there may be means to help control them, or at least trying to determine if there is abuse taking place.

Avoid dealing with those agents that are just trying to sell you something that provides little value to your and your employees. The right benefits package will keep your workers and their families satisfied knowing they have coverage that doesn’t drain their hard earned paycheck.

Here is a great article that talks about the changing role that the true “consultant” plays, and some of the things they should be telling you about when discussing employee benefits plans. Any business owner will gain from this information when today’s marketplace continues to have increasing benefit costs. You can read the article here.

What do you expect from a professional when discussing employee benefits plans for your own company? Leave your response in the comments.

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