3 Easy & Simple Ways To Boost Employee Morale


employee benefits packageThe effects of the recession are starting to be felt more throughout Canada recently and it will be interesting to see how things progress into the fall. Although the recession has been around for a while, it seems there has been a noticeable attitude shift lately as optimism begins to wane.

Despite being in tough times, it’s crucial to keep your employees morale high, as they are the lifeblood of your organization. Fortunately, there are ways to boost employee morale without breaking the bank ranging from increased flexibility to an improved employee benefits package.

Here are the most effective and simple ways to increase your employees’ morale during a slump:

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1. Let Them Enjoy The Summeremployee benefits package

Compared to places like the southern USA, we have substantially shorter summers here in Canada. In the Okanagan Valley, where I live, we are particularly fond of the time we get in the sunshine and value every moment of it.

Giving your employees the chance to enjoy their summer by having slightly different hours to let them get out early for weekends can do wonders for boosting morale. Try letting them off at noon on Fridays or working an extra hour Monday through Thursday so they can take some or all of Friday off – these efforts go a long way for employee retention.


2. The Little Things Count

You would be surprised at how much employees appreciate simple things like having coffee, tea and filtered water available while working. It’s not only appreciated but can also help to increase productivity by keeping workers hydrated and giving them more time to spend enjoying their breaks rather than refueling refreshments at the local store.

I’ve seen many companies have great success with implementing nutritional snack days where management will bring in fruits and veggies for employees every Tuesday or Thursday, for example.

It may seem like these are small or insignificant details but sometimes the little things make big differences and this seems to be the case here!

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3. Better Employee Benefits Package

employee benefits package

Employers are reluctant to shell out extra money for an employee benefits package that will continue to go up every year as their employees continue to make claims. Many companies are unaware of the advantages of options like “pool plans” that don’t cost the employers any additional money while improving the benefits they’re getting.

The ability for the employee to go to the dentist and not worrying about taking care of themselves or how their claims are going to affect renewal pricing. One of my clients recently implemented a dental plan and the employees are ecstatic. According to the administrator, the morale in the company is sky high simply by lifting the burden of this costly but vitally important service from the employees and their families.

When looking to improve morale with your employees, simply reach out to them and ask what would make their lives easier. When it’s not always feasible to give raises, more cost effective options like improving the employee benefits package or adding a water cooler become easy ways to boost morale and lighten the load of your loyal employees’ backs.

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