3 Mistakes Employers Make When Buying An Employee Benefit Plan


With over 30 years in this business, I have seen many common mistakes and misconceptions employers have when purchasing an employee benefit plan so I decided to do something about it and write an eBook. The world of insurance, group plans and employee benefits is extremely complex and I have done my best to ensure it has been simplified as much as possible so it’s easy to understand, no matter what your level of comprehension is currently at.

Employee benefit planThe eBook is called Three Mistakes Employers Should Avoid When Buying An Employee Benefit Plan and the following are a few of the important topics covered:

  • Understand exactly how traditional pricing models are designed to work against you
  • The secret pricing model major insurance companies don’t talk about (because they don’t want you to know)
  • How to measure the ROI of your benefit plan
  • Insider insight into how premiums and renewals are calculated
  • Potentially save THOUSANDS of dollars

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Attract Top Level Talent

A great employee benefit plan is one of the key factors talent seeks when looking for their ideal workplace, especially with higher level executives and management. The more money an employee makes, the more they are taxed. An extended employee benefit plan is a tax-deductible raise that saves them from spending their after-tax dollars on services for themselves and their families.

Attracting talent isn’t the only thing employee benefits make a significant impact on since research data has shown that employees who feel more valued work harder at their jobs – effectively producing more results for their employers.

Understanding Your Options

Most employers aren’t even aware that they have a options when it comes to an employee benefit plan and pricing. This free eBook helps every employer bring a better sense of judgment to the table when negotiating with insurance companies for a better group plan.

If you have ever felt powerless against the insurance companies, this eBook is for you. Once you’ve seen the truth, you will be surprised how it didn’t get out sooner.


3 Mistakes Employers Make When Buying An Employee Benefit Plan



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